Parent Training

Hammond Associates offers comprehensive parent training, by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). This training includes topics such as reinforcement, preventative strategies, functional communication, teaching skills and more. The training utilizes materials from the Research Unit on Behavioral Intervention (RUBI) manual.  

Who is the training for? 

This training is designed for any person providing care to your child—if there is a natural support person (such as a grandparent or relative) that provides regular care to your child and is able to attend, we encourage that they come and participate as well.  

What are the objectives of this training? 

This training is designed to teach caregivers skills for managing interfering behaviors as well as developing strategies to prevent these behaviors from occurring. The training will also focus on teaching replacement behaviors and provide caregivers with teaching strategies to use with your child.   

What are the expectations for participating in this training? 

We are asking that you: 

  • Complete a screening with our team to ensure that the training is appropriate for your child. This training may not be appropriate if your child engages in severe or dangerous interfering behaviors. This screening will include a functional assessment (ABAS-3), use of a screening tool designed to give our team information about your child and a “Home Situations Questionnaire.” 
  • Commit to completing two, two-hour sessions a week in our office (without child present).  
  • If you are not able to come in person for a session, we may be able to accommodate remote instruction for that day, but as this training will be a collaborative process that requires regular participation in discussion, in-person attendance is highly preferred and recommended.  
  • Actively Participate in the training program! While each training session will have training objectives, we will be asking you to choose strategies or behaviors that you think are most relevant to your family.  
  • Complete all homework assignments—at the end of each session, caregivers will be given a homework assignment to practice skills discussed during the session. Since this is a condensed version of the training there will typically be two assignments to work on per week.

When and Where will the training occur? 

  • In person training will take place at Hammond Associates—1250 Forest Ave, Suite 301 in Portland, ME biweekly.  
  • The time is to be determined based on the availability of families.  
  • In addition to training at the office, we are planning on including up to 3 home visits.  
  • Instruction on modules will be provided by at least one BCBA and there may also be an additional team member to support breakout groups and managing materials. 
  • As we complete sessions, caregivers will be building a few resources for themselves that will be theirs to keep and refer to—they will have a 3-ring binder that includes all the module materials/ activities that we discuss, power point presentation slides (printed), and the Behavior Support Plan that caregivers will develop as part of the program.  

This training can be accessed through private insurance or private pay at this time. If you are interested, please reach out to our office and complete intake forms (